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SDL Portable Mercury Monitoring System Debut at BCEIA 2015

30 October 2015

 On October 27-30, 2015, the 16th Beijing Analytical Test Academic Conference and Exhibition (BCEIA), sponsored by China Association for Testing and Analysis, was successfully held in Beijing National Convention Center with the approval of Ministry of Science and Technology. More than 370 academic seminars and technical seminars have been held as part of the most professional and prestigious event in 30 years of domestic analytical testing.

This BECIA exhibition hosted for the first time, the development of major national scientific equipment special stage achievements exhibition. Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd was to bring the continuous monitoring system, AQMS-900Hg atmospheric mercury online monitoring system, MODEL 2052 standard gas generator, and SCS-900Hg flue gas mercury online monitoring system.

The project has applied for a total of 16 patents including 11 invention patents and 5 utility models. Among them, MODEL1080Hg mercury online analyzer which SDL researched independently can effectively eliminate SO2, NOX and other components of flue gas interference on mercury detection. MODEL 2052 standard mercury gas generator can simulate a calibration instrument to elemental mercury and mercury ion standard gas. SCS-900Hg continuous mercury in flue gas online monitoring system is used for the first set the monitoring system of flue gas mercury emissions from stationary pollution source. Its performance indexes reach the international level of similar products, widely used in coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plants, metallurgical plants and other fixed pollution sources.

The three sets of equipment in the exhibition ran with real-time display of monitoring data and attracted the interest and attention of domestic and foreign audiences.