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SDL Held an ¡°Applications of Mass Spectrometry Technology¡± Seminar

29 September 2017

 On September 29, 2015, China Instrument Society and SDL jointly held a seminar on the applications of mass spectrometry instruments. The meeting was held at Hot Spring Leisure City in Beijing, and dozens of well-known experts in the industry were invited to discuss the mass spectrometry technology principle and applications.

As everyone knows, Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd acquired part of the British company Kore stake in June this year. The meeting was attended by two Ph.Ds. of KORE who introduced the mass spectrometry technology of KORE and discussed with Chinese experts.

Mr. Ao Xiaoqiang said that the mass spectrometer is a pearl on the crown of analytical instruments and he was very happy that SDL can cooperate with the British company Kore to promote mass spectrometry in China. He thanked all of the day’s guests for participating in the seminar.

Senior analysis instrument expert, Liang Yongjia from Hong Kong, has been engaged in analytical instrument application work and is familiar with the spectrum of (NIR, Raman), mass spectrometry (Quad MS, TOFMS and soft ionization mass spectrometry), gas chromatography (HPLC) analysis instrument and biological engineering, medicine, has made an in-depth study of the applications of various analytical instruments. He introduced some of Kore's profiles. “Kore is a very special company, basically there's no such thing as commercialization, but it's just a matter of mass spectrometry. Now the company has SDL and it will have a great impact on the application and development of mass spectrometry technology in China.”