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SDL Won ¡°Significant Contribution Award¡± Issued by the Chinese Society of Analytical Instruments

11 August 2014

 To celebrate the 35th anniversary of society, gather and increase positive energy in the scientific instrument industry, and create a new situation of equipment manufacturing in China, Dandong Scientific Instrument Development Forum and China Society of Analytical Instruments held a gathering in Dandong city of Liaoning Province on 7-8 August 2014. Nearly two hundred people from all major research institutes and representatives of various instrument manufacturers and entrepreneurs participated in the event.

During the meeting, SDL was awarded the “Great contribution award” in recognition of years of development in China’s analytical instrument industry and making significant contributions to the work and support of the society. At the same time, Sinopec Project Deputy Chief Engineer Huang Buyu and SDL Chairman and Chief Engineer Wu Gao won the award for “Outstanding Professional Committee”