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The Major Special Issue Meeting of the Stationary Source Waste Gas VOCs Was Held at SDL

15 April 2014

     The SDL Technology Co., Ltd led the special project entitled “development and application of VOCs online portable monitoring equipment for waste sources”. The project opening meeting was successfully held in Beijing on April 15, 2014. From the Ministry of Environmental Protection, chief of the science and technology standards department, Xiong Yue Hui attended, as well as Director of the scientific research conditions and finance division, Sun Zeng Qi. From the Ministry of Science and Technology, Secretary Chen Bin attended. Other leaders, project group members and relevant people in charge of the cooperation unit - nearly 40 people attended the meeting.




 Project Director and Chairman Ao Xiao Qiang chaired the meeting and delivered the welcome speech. The head of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Sun Zeng Qi, made important remarks about the special strategic significance, key requirements, and the evaluation system for the implementation of the project. Xiong Yue Hui represented the major special organizations and departments, and made an important speech on how to enhance the technical level of projects involving China’s environmental monitoring technologies and how to effectively organize and support the project mission objectives and implementation process.

SDL’s Chief Engineer, Gao Wu, took the lead to introduce the general situation of the project to all the leaders and expert groups. This special focus was on developing VOCs online portable monitoring equipment with independent intellectual property rights and achieving first-class international standards for fixed-source VOCs emission. On the basis of this, it is necessary to carry out engineering and industrialization, and set up a quality control system. This will provide important data support and scientific basis for further emission reduction and control of VOCs.

Subsequently, each instrument development unit reported on the overall objectives, difficulties, technical routes, implementation plans, and other aspects of the tasks. After many questions and internal discussions, experts formed opinions and laid a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.