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Our company is organized around 5 major business areas:


Environmental monitoring

Our largest business area is environmental monitoring of air quality and pollution. We also provide analyzers to monitor water pollution, noise and dust. Often SDL is responsible for the accuracy and the reliability of the measured data which are transmitted to the authorities.


Intelligent environmental information systems

We offer many integrated data management solutions including software systems to process environmental data, surveillance centers, early warning systems, and pollution tracing systems using big data technology.


Environmental solutions

We offer environmental solutions in applications such as SOx and NOx reduction in various industries, industrial wastewater solutions, dust removal solutions, etc. We take full responsibility for these solutions making it easy for our customers to get the entire solution from SDL.


Process analytics

Analyzing and monitoring industrial processes and energy consumption is in many industries an important requirement. With our experience in this field, we provide complete process analytical solutions to fit our customers’ requirements.


3rd party testing, maintenance & service

Our government accredited test lab offers testing and calibration of 3rd party analyzers and instruments, as well as providing on-site testing services, emission source surveys and assessments.

With our specialized service team we can provide comprehensive after-sales service to all our customers. We keep track of each installation and the running performance of our products and perform the necessary maintenance when required.